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“Intelligent People” help Indie Bookstores Survive

Written By: laurie - Jul• 13•12

I like the indie bookstore owner’s perspective here. I just hope it’s enough. We vote with our dollars, readers. Buy indie when you can!

Perfect Books

“Every independent bookstore is facing challenges right now. It affects your marketplace, but it doesn’t have to kill you. You don’t open a bookstore to make a million dollars…. I don’t think customers should have to rescue us. It sounds too desperate. I don’t think we’re in that position and I don’t think that attitude is helpful…. People still really like to hold a book in their hands. We provide service to a market of intelligent people. Even with e-readers and competition from the big chains, we’ll do OK.”

–Pat Catven, former bookshop owner and now a manager at Canadian indie Perfect Books in Ottawa


From Shelf Awareness, 7/13/2012

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