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Harlequin Teams with Cosmo for new series

Written By: laurie - Dec• 06•12

Harlequin has always impressed me as one of the more savvy book publishers around. Their announcement this week is no exception. They are teaming up with steamy single girl magazine, Cosmopolitan, aka Cosmo, to launch a series of co-branded romance novels. Called Cosmo Red Hot Reads from Harlequin, these short (30,000 word) books will be e-originals and are aimed squarely at people who like to read their romance on a variety of devices.

Two e-books, priced at $3.99, will be released every month starting in May 2013. According to Harlequin the books will feature “narratives centering on modern young women living the free-spirited and outgoing lifestyle espoused by the international magazine.”

I’ve long wondered when a breakout cell-phone-only book will go viral and pull the rest of the industry along in its wake. This might be the powerhouse team that makes it happen.

Cosmo magazine logo

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