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Foreword’s First Sale!

Written By: laurie - Mar• 15•13

I am so excited by the speed of today’s publishing environment. There are hybrid publishers trying to combine the best of traditional with the new opportunities of digital publishing. Entangled Publishing is a good example of this hybrid type of publisher. And these folks move quickly. As soon as we opened the doors at Foreword we started contacting editors. Entangled loves Lisa Kessler’s writing (who wouldn’t) and they snapped up her next series very quickly. (Note: The next book in her current Entangled series, Night Demon, debuts on Monday, March 18th)

So, please congratulate Bram Stoker finalist Lisa Kessler for having the first client deal of Foreword Literary. Here’s the deal posting in Publishers Marketplace:

Bram Stoker finalist Lisa Kessler’s MOONLIGHT, HUNTER’S MOON, and BLOOD MOON, in which rich cowboy werewolves and unscrupulous assassin jaguar shifters tangle, to Danielle Poiesz at Entangled Edge, in a nice deal, for publication in 2013/2014, by Laurie McLean at Foreword Literary (World).

I am so jazzed about this announcement. I hope it’s the first of many deals we do together, Lisa!

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