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Foreword Literary Changes name to Backword Literary

Written By: laurie - Apr• 01•13

In a stunning announcement today, new hybrid literary agency, Foreword Literary, has changed its name to Backword Literary, according to founding partner Laurie McLean.

“We feel that there is a retro trend about to engulf publishing, including a backlash against eBooks, back-talking about digital audio books, and backstabbing in general towards digital publishing,” McLean said. “So we’re embracing that backwards trend, hence the name change.

Backword Literary has changed its corporate policies to focus on printed epic fantasies, Southern multi-generational sagas, Hollywood melodramas and very long drawn-out literary novels.

“Anything overwritten, send it our way,” McLean said.

To submit your 1,000-page-plus manuscripts, Backword will be accepting printed submissions only sent to 123 Main Street, Backword, CA, 12345. Or you can call and speak at length to the Backword agents at 415-123-4567.


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  1. We seemed to have let April 1st go by unnoticed this year. You have filled in the gap. 🙂

  2. Franziska says:

    He he he, came across this late via a Google search. Very funny!

  3. laurel W. says:


    I nearly choked to death on a Tostitos chip. The words, “What the? What the? What the?” echoed in my head as I stumbled upon this article and innocently assumed it was serious.

    LOL. Good One. I particularly love the word count for submissions that is mentioned at the end of the article. Speak at length to an agent? Right. I shoulda see that coming too. The only thing missing might be an invitation to call the agent “collect.”

    Love it. 🙂

    L. wilczek

  4. Dakota says:

    I’ll be honest and say I’m curious to know if anybody actually tried contacting y’all because of this post.

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