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You had me at Logan’s Run!

Written By: laurie - May• 03•13

I couldn’t resist. This is one of the coolest crowdfunding prizes I’ve ever seen. Read what Darren Davis of Bluewater Productions has come up with for the last hours of Julie Kagawa’s Iron King Indiegogo campaign:


William F. Nolan, the creator of the iconic “Logan’s Run” series, wants to chat with you.

All you have to do is donate $100 to our “Iron King” Indiegogo campaign and we’ll set up a one-on-one conversation with one of the great living Masters of sci-fi via phone or Skype. Have you ever wondered where he got the idea for “Logan’s Run”? What he thinks about the sci-fi genre today? What is going on on the film rights, what he thought of the original film, What’s his favorite food? Or maybe you’d like his opinion on your own Great American Novel idea…all you need to do is pledge to the campaign here:

HOWEVER…this offer is only good for 48 hours…it’s over on Saturday at 12pm EST. And there are only five 30 minute opportunities available! This is a once in a lifetime chance that any fan of science fiction must jump at. After you pledge your $100, email me and I will personally set up the call!

Anyone that donates at least $1.00 will get a free e-book of “LOGAN’s RUN: SOLO” the one shot comic book that came out last week.  You need to email me when you do.

Here is a cover of “Logan’s Run :Rebirth” #1– the new mini series – that’s starts later this spring.  


Email me at with questions.

Thanks for your support.

Darren G. Davis
Bluewater Productions
Twitter: @bluewaterprod

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