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Happy National Eat What You Want Day!

Written By: laurie - May• 11•16

SAN FRANCISCO, California, May 11, 2016—In a literary nod to celebrating National Eat What You Want Day, Tapas Media and the monster known as Simon Alkenmayer today announced the publication of THE CREATURE’S COOKBOOK, a fictionalized diary of an immortal monster that deals with the human condition, friendship, love, murder, mystery, and recipes for cooking humans.

The book debuted on the Tapas app, a game-inspired, immersive comics and fiction app that can be downloaded free at the Apple or Android App stores. Tapas specializes in bite-sized content that can be consumed in a brief moment in a mobile environment…morsels for today’s millennial generation to consume on their cell phones while standing in line at Starbucks, waiting for the bus, even hanging out at the laundromat.

National Eat What You Want Day is a holiday where people can skip their diets and give up their regulation for a day, eating whatever they want and enjoying their lives. It was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy of wellcat.com to help people break away from the frustrating health and diet trends of our times if only for one day. Most nutritionists agree that giving yourself a break every now and then can actually be good for you.

Simon Alkenmayer apparently agrees. He’s an immortal monster who must eat humans to survive. He blogs at CreaturesCookbook.com. His book deal came about when he became interested in the bite-sized content description of Tapas Media’s new app and his literary agent decided to see if they’d want to showcase his work.

“Simon is a very talented chef as well as a master wordsmith,” said his agent Laurie McLean of Fuse Literary. “Tapas is the perfect place to show off his way with words, and National Eat What You Want Day is tailor-made for Simon. Not that he’d care if someone approved of his culinary tastes or not. He’s very self-assured.”

To find The Creature’s Cookbook, go to the Apple App store or Android App Store and download the Tapas app. Open the app, click on the in-app books, and start reading The Creature’s Cookbook or any of the fabulous noshes found there. The book costs 15 cents per “tapisode” after a free sampling.

Eat what you want! Even if it is with your eyes!

Simon Alkenmayer
The Monster known as
Simon Alkenmayer

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