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Singuarility&Co Save the SciFi!

Written By: laurie - Aug• 08•12

“A team of time traveling archivists longing for futures past” is how they describe themselves. And it’s a fresh new idea for an online/real world bookstore. Singularity&Co will open a physical retail outlet in Brooklyn tomorrow, but it is their online presence that has me so excited.

On their website at, it says: “Each month, our subscribers help us choose a vintage, out of print scifi book to rescue, and, with the rightsholders’ permission, ebookify. We’re bringing forgotten 20th century scifi into the 21st.”

This is the kind of out-of-the-bookstore thinking that makes so much sense in this digital publishing world. Bravo, Singularity. And since I live in San Francisco, home of Borderlands Books, still going strong selling science fiction, fantasy and horror, I salute you!

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