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Penguin Settles with DOJ

I had a feeling this was going to happen. And it wouldn’t surprise me if Macmillan also tosses in the towel. The Agency model of publisher-centric ebook pricing is dying and I just don’t believe anyone can salvage it…or defend it for that matter. eBooks will be priced at levels that sell well and create […]

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Random House Gives $5,000 bonus to each employee

Here’s the story behind those bonuses you read about last week:

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BookScan To Include Walmart Sales Data

This is a big deal. Ever since BookScan started it has only included retail bookstore point of purchase sales in its reports, and not even every bookstore participated. Now, for the first time, BookScan will add sales data from Walmart into its totals. This will significantly change the numbers and represent 80% of English language […]

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Happy Holidays

Love this funny from Liz Climo:

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Harlequin Teams with Cosmo for new series

Harlequin has always impressed me as one of the more savvy book publishers around. Their announcement this week is no exception. They are teaming up with steamy single girl magazine, Cosmopolitan, aka Cosmo, to launch a series of co-branded romance novels. Called Cosmo Red Hot Reads from Harlequin, these short (30,000 word) books will be […]

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Amazon Launches Kids Subscription Service

Amazon Sells Subscription Package of Kids Books, Videos and Apps Called Kindle FreeTime Unlimited, Amazon’s new all-in-one unlimited subscription service will offer all types of media from books and apps to movies and television shows for kids. It will work on any Kindle Fire device and will be available as part of Amazon’s next automatic […]

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