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Iron King Comic/Graphic Novel series to debut!

Written By: laurie - Feb• 11•13

Yes, this is Julie Kagawa’s year so far. A seven-figure publishing deal. An even larger seven-figure movie deal. And now her first blockbuster novel, The Iron King, is going to be made into a comic book series and graphic novel by Bluewater Productions. Julie and Bluewater have decided to take a novel approach to funding this series. They are going to let the fans decide how big the series will ultimately become, and how many books will be included, by waging a Kickstarter campaign! And the prizes for every level of contribution are simply AWESOME. Go here immediately and check out the shiny, shiny things you can get for as low as $5. And if you’re a super huge fan, you could end up having dinner with Julie! Lots of love went into this Kickstarter, so if you like once-in-a-lifetime author goodies, visit the URL below and get them before they’re gone!

Iron King cover

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