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Goodreads Author Tips

Written By: laurie - Mar• 05•14

As a former marketing pro with 25+ years in that industry before I became a literary agent a decade ago, I am bullish on establishing a strong author brand. I speak about it a lot at conferences and in webinars. So I was delighted that a recent Forbes magazine article entitled “The Strongest Brand in Publishing” featured my client, science fiction and fantasy author Michael J. Sullivan. Towards the end of the article, Michael J. gives you three tips on how he became one of the “most effective authors” on Goodreads according to Patrick Brown,¬†Goodreads’ Director for Author Marketing.

Michael J.’s strategy has to do with building and participating in community, as well as interacting with your fans and giving away books. Another tip is that he started out as a reader and knows both sides of a story. It’s a fascinating article and well worth a couple minutes of your time to read. Find the Forbes article here:



UPDATE: Michael has added more detail to his advice here:

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