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Indie Authors: Make Your Book Work Harder!

Some smart literary agent is going to start a business one day that simply sells subsidiary rights for the millions of indie (aka self-published) authors out there and make a bundle. If you’re an indie author, maybe you didn’t realize that you’re leaving a pile of money on the virtual table by just selling your […]

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Phun Photo Phrum Portland

  Fellow literary agent Andy Ross from Berkeley and yours truly at the Willamette Writers Conference in Portland this past weekend, now in its 64th year!  

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New York Publishing

I’m in New York talking with editors and then participating in the annual party that is Book Expo America. I’ll be moderating a panel on Sunday at BEA’s UPublishU called The X Factor: Agents in the Digital Publishing Paradigm. We will explore the changing and expanding role of agents in today’s publishing world and I’ll […]

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Yee Haw, DFW Conference!

I just returned from an action-packed weekend at the DFW Writers’ Conference in Dallas and boy-howdy did I have a great time. The writers were friendly and excited. The agent guests were a perfect blend of pros and newbies from big and boutique agencies (something for everyone!) and the weather was absolutely perfect (even though […]

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